Publish date20 Jun 2024 - 21:35
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Palestinian lawyer reveals shocking testimony on torture of Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails

A Palestinian lawyer, the first granted access to Israeli jail Sde Teiman, has revealed the tragic condition under which more than a thousand Palestinian detainees from Gaza Strip are held.
Palestinian lawyer reveals shocking testimony on torture of Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails
Media outlets, including the CNN, reported testimonies about serious violations committed by Israeli occupation forces (IOF) in this prison against hundreds of prisoners who were kidnapped from Gaza during the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Strip.

Speaking to Al-Arabi TV, lawyer Mahajneh revealed that detainees are not allowed to stand up and are shackled and blindfolded 24 hours a day, even while sleeping.

He further explained that the prisoners are held in four barracks, each of which contains 100-150 detainees, adding that they have to sleep on the ground, with no blankets or pillows.

The lawyer also affirmed that the detainees are denied the right to perform religious rituals, underling that the violations and abuse practiced in Sde Teiman are not aimed only at extracting confessions about the resistance, but also at taking revenge on the Gazan people.

Lawyer Mahajneh stated that he met the detained journalist Muhammad Arab, who has been isolated in Sde Teiman prison for more than 100 days.

The lawyer quoted journalist Arab as saying that “investigators (in Sde Teiman) were members of Israeli special forces, not the intelligence or police forces as usual.”

Journalist Muhammad Arab was subjected to investigation twice, the first forty days after his arrest, and the second about a month ago and they were mainly focused on his affiliation to the resistance, the lawyer elaborated.

Arab said that he was informed by the investigation judge that he was detained for an unidentified period and his detention was going to be extended by the court, the lawyer said.

Lawyer Mahajneh warned that Palestinian prisoners do not receive fair trials in Israeli detention centers, pointing out that human rights institutions are completely powerless in the face of Israeli procedures.

The lawyer believes that Israel took advantage of the state of emergency to implement all means of abuse against the Palestinian prisoners. He also spoke about sexual assaults and rape inside the prison.

At least 6 prisoners have recently been martyred inside the Sde Teiman prison as a result of torture by Israeli jailors, the lawyer underlined.
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