Publish date19 Jun 2024 - 17:28
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UN says 39m tonnes of debris generated by Israel’s attacks on Gaza

The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) has said that the Israeli attacks on residential areas in the Gaza Strip since 7 October have generated 39 million tonnes of debris. The amount of debris, explained the programme, is the equivalent of 107 kilograms of rubble per square metre. These shocking statistics were revealed in a report published by the UNEP on Tuesday regarding the environmental impact of the Israeli military offensive on the Palestinians enclave.
UN says 39m tonnes of debris generated by Israel’s attacks on Gaza
The UNEP stressed that the environmental impacts of the war on Gaza have reached unprecedented levels. The Palestinians in the territory face the dangers of soil, water and air pollution, all of which have caused irreversible damage to natural ecosystems. The report called for an immediate ceasefire in order to protect lives and reduce the impact on the environment.
It pointed out that almost all water, sanitation and hygiene systems have been destroyed in Gaza, and warned that sewage is mixing with seawater, the soil, drinking water and even food. Soil and water sources are polluted and there are significant risks of heavy metal leakage due to damage to solar panels.
Since 7 October, the Israeli occupation forces have continued to bombard the besieged Gaza Strip, killing 37,343 Palestinians and wounding 85,372 others. Around 1.7 million people have been displaced, according to the UN, amid massive destruction of civilian infrastructure.
Israel stands accused of genocide at the International Court of Justice. The occupation state denies the allegation.
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