Publish date16 Jun 2024 - 8:10
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Yemen armed forces sink Israeli-bound ship in new operation

Yemeni armed forces announce sinking a ship in a new operation targeting the vessels that violate the ban on travel to Israeli-occupied ports.
Yemen armed forces sink Israeli-bound ship in new operation
The forces’ spokesman, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, announced the operations on Saturday.

“The ship ‘Verbena’ sinks in the Gulf of Aden after being targeted by a number of missiles,” he said.

“The ship ‘TUTOR,’ which was targeted by a naval drone and a number of ballistic missiles and drones, is at risk of sinking in the coming hours,” the official added.

The Armed Forces have been applying the ban since October 7, when the Israeli regime launched a genocidal war against the Gaza Strip.

At least 37,296 Palestinians have been killed, most of them women and children, and another 85,197 individuals sustained injuries as a result of the war so far.

Yahya Saree renewed warning against the consequences of arrival at the ports occupied by the Israeli regime.

He vowed that the operations against Israeli-bound ships will continue until complete halt of that attacks on the Gaza Strip and lifting of the siege imposed on the enclave.
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