Publish date13 Jun 2024 - 14:30
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Central Gaza, Rafah under Israeli heavy bombings on day 251 of genocidal war

The Israeli regime has intensified bombings across the besieged Gaza Strip with central Gaza and Rafah remaining the focal target for the regime forces.
Central Gaza, Rafah under Israeli heavy bombings on day 251 of genocidal war
Central and southernmost Gaza were subject to intense, violent, and continuous Israeli bombardment, which killed several Palestinians and injured others on the 251st day of the Israeli genocide in the Strip.

Israeli aggression was centered in Rafah after Israeli air forces opened heavy fire in the area. 

Media sources in Gaza further confirmed that the Israeli occupation forces opened live fire against displaced Palestinians' tents in the al-Alam Roundabout, causing several injuries among them.

In the coastal area of southern Rafah, the occupation's helicopters launched heavy fire, while Israeli occupation forces simultaneously bombed the city of al-Mawasi, which hosts thousands of displaced refugees.

Tens of martyrs and injured Palestinians could not be rescued or retrieved amid the continuous attacks from Israeli helicopters, quadcopters, warboats, and artillery. 

In the Brazil Neighborhood, southeastern Rafah, the IOF deliberately targeted and bombed residential buildings, according to our correspondent. 

The intense Israeli aggression also targeted central Gaza, where the occupation's artillery shelled the northwestern area of the Nuseirat refugee camp throughout the night, while the IOF launched flash bombs in the northern area of the camp. 

The Israeli occupation targeted a Palestinian home in the al-Hasayna area in Nuseirat, killing a number of Palestinians and injuring others. 

Artillery shelling then continued against the northern and northeastern parts of the al-Maghazi camp, in central Gaza. 

Meanwhile, Israeli quadcopters intensely hovered over the al-Maghazi camp and Deir al-Balah at a low altitude. 

In the al-Zaytoun Neighborhood, several Palestinians were killed and injured after the IOF targeted a home near Aisha mosque. 

The Israeli aggression against Gaza continues amid a collapsed healthcare system and looming famine threatening vulnerable Palestinian civilians. 

On Wednesday World Health Organization chief, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, warned that a significant portion of Gaza now faces” catastrophic hunger and famine-like conditions. Despite reports of increased delivery of food, there is currently no evidence that those who need it most are receiving sufficient quantity and quality of food."

The chief added that the WHO and partners have ramped up nutrition services. 

More than 8,000 children under the age of five have been identified and treated for acute malnutrition, including 1,600 with severe acute malnutrition. 

Due to instability and an absence of access, only two stabilization centers for critically malnourished patients are operational, he noted.
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