Publish date16 May 2024 - 9:04
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Hamas leader:

Removal of Israel from our land, a Qur’anic inevitability

The leader of Palestinian resistance movement Hamas says the removal of Israel from our land is a Qur’anic inevitability and a historic truth.
Removal of Israel from our land, a Qur’anic inevitability
The Hamas’ leader made the remarks in a speech on Wednesday. He was marking the anniversary of Palestinians’ historical exodus from their homeland at the hands of the Israeli regime and its Western backers in 1948, which is known by Palestinians as the day of “Nakba” or Catastrophe.

 “They intended the Nakba to destroy the Palestinian people and end their sacred cause,” Haniyeh said. “Yet, the Palestinian cause remains strong in the consciousness of our people, our nation, and the free people of the world.”

The Palestinian leader vowed that the anti-Israeli operation that was staged by the Gaza Strip-based resistance movements on October 7 served as a “a prelude to liberation and independence.”

Haniyeh noted how the operation saw Palestinian fighters’ “storming their (the Israeli regime’s) fortified strongholds and humiliating the [Israeli] army [which was] once thought as invincible.”

“We have seen how they behave, attempting to cover their failure and shame with massacres, killings, and torture,” he stated.

The Hamas’ official was referring to a genocidal war that the regime launched following Al-Aqsa Storm, through which it has so far killed more than 35,170 Palestinians, mostly women and children.

 “We say that Hamas is here to stay,” Haniyeh insisted, dismissing the Israeli regime and its supporters’ allegations that the movement could be ousted from Gaza’s rule through the war.

“The movement will continue its efforts to stop this brutal aggression by all possible means,” he stated, adding, “We are confident this aggression will be broken and will be expelled from our land, no matter how long it takes.”

Haniyeh, meanwhile, insisted that any agreement on cessation of the Israeli aggression had to ensure a permanent ceasefire and the regime’s complete withdrawal from the entire Gaza Strip.

It also had to feature a “genuine” captive exchange deal, guarantee the return of the displaced, envision Gaza’s reconstruction, and enable lifting the blockade that the Israeli regime has been simultaneously imposing on the coastal sliver, he said.
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