Publish date14 May 2024 - 13:26
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Turkish scholar urges for global efforts to end genocidal war on Gaza

The President of the Directorate of Religious Affairs in Turkey has called for global endeavors to end the genocidal war against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.
Turkish scholar urges for global efforts to end genocidal war on Gaza
Ali Erbas, speaking at the opening ceremony of World Muslim Scholars’ Constitution Summit held in the Turkish city of Istanbul, said the world is through some of the toughest eras of war, poverty, terrorism and despair stressing the dire need for global values and Islamic principles, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
He expressed regret that the Muslims, who should bring message of mercy for the world, are themselves grappled with serious problems.
The Turkish scholar noted,” It is regretful that Muslims have been inefficient in deploying the global messages of Islam” and highlighted the humane views of Islam and also its principles for protection of lives, religions, possessions and generations.
The president of Turkey’s Directorate of Religious Affairs warned against the serious issues challenging Muslims including Islamophobia, cultural imperialism, terrorist organizations and also misinterpretations of religious concepts.
Ali Erbas noted that the two-day meeting will discuss five topics among them ideal ways to introduce Islam, ways to counter Islamophobia and also providing further services to humanity.
A number of prominent religious and political figures from across the world of Islam are attending the two-day World Muslim Scholars’ Constitution Summit underway in Istanbul.
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