Publish date2 May 2024 - 14:59
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Iraqi resistance groups target Israeli positions in Israeli-occupied Golan Heights

Iraq’s Islamic Resistance has confirmed successful targeting of a key Israeli position in Syria’s Golan Heights in response to regime’s ongoing war against the besieged Gaza Strip.
Iraqi resistance groups target Israeli positions in Israeli-occupied Golan Heights
The umbrella anti-terror group announced the development in a statement on the Telegram messaging app on Wednesday.

The attack took place using drones, the group noted, confirming its dedication to continuing its strikes against “the enemy’s strongholds.”

The coalition has been conducting numerous such strikes against targets belonging to the Israeli regime since last October, when the latter began the genocidal war.

The war, which was launched following al-Aqsa Storm, a retaliatory operation by Gaza’s resistance movements, has so far killed at least 34,568 people, most of them women, children, and adolescents. Over 77,700 Palestinians have also been injured in the brutal military onslaught, while thousands of others remain unaccounted for.

On April 20, the Iraqi resistance group had similarly carried out a pro-Palestinian operation against an Israeli target in the occupied Golan.

The anti-terror forces have also been hitting the United States’ military bases across the Arab country and neighboring Syria in protest at Washington’s unstinting support for the war.

The US provides the Israeli regime with open-handed military and intelligence support. It has also blocked passage of several United Nations Security Council resolutions urging an immediate ceasefire in the military campaign.
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