Publish date16 Sep 2011 - 15:24
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Hamas condemn

The Zionist act of eliminating the Palestinian identity

TNA - Beirut
The Zionist act of eliminating the Palestinian identity
The Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas", Condemned  strongly the Zionist occupation procedures of deleting everything related to the Palestinian history of the schools curriculum in the city of "Al-Quds", and considered this act as a part of the policy of targeting the holy sites by the occupying government.

"We strongly condemn this racial act which aims to eliminate the Palestinian identity at "Al-Quds", and we consider it a contrary to the norms and international laws to complete the Judaization schemes, and an evidence of the nature of this occupation and criminal entity".Hamas said in its statement.

The movement asserted that "the Zionist occupation ventured to the deletion, misrepresentation and falsification of historical facts in textbooks and curricula, is a desperate step that will not work in deleting the Palestinian history from the bright minds and hearts of the rising generation of "Al-Quds", which attaches the "Aqsa Mosque". 

The statement called on the Palestinian people to unite behind a national project that protects and preserves the right constants. He also called on the Arab League and UNESCO for urgent action to prevent the occupation to continue to falsify the facts of history and deleting the Palestinian identity".

In the same context, private schools  and schools affiliated to the Palestinian Ministry of Education carried out a strike at the invitation of the Federation of parents' committees, to protest against the intervention of the <Israeli> municipality of "Al-Quds".

"<Israel> is deleting everything related to Palestinian water, agriculture, land, songs, literature and every word of Palestine from the poetry, literature and history". Said Bassam Abu Hillel one of the heads of parents' committees.

Note that the <Israeli> authorities had prevented to print the slogan of the Palestinian Authority on school books in Occupied East "Quds" last year. As the <Israeli> municipality is responsible for public education in the eastern part where it teaches Hebrew as a second language in schools.
And The international community does not recognize the <Israeli> annexation of the Eastern "Quds", while Palestinians want "Al-Quds" as the capital of their state.
It is noted that in the UNICEF said in its report for the year 2010 that the city of East Quds, was suffering from a shortage of more than a thousand classroom, putting children at risk of dropping out of school or lack of access to education.
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