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Publish date16 Apr 2024 - 10:49
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pro-Palestine Yale students go on hunger strike over Gaza war

A group of students at Yale University have launched a hunger strike in protest against the academy’s connection to an American arms manufacturer that contribute to Israeli regime amid its ongoing killing campaign of Palestinian civilians in Gaza Strip.
pro-Palestine Yale students go on hunger strike over Gaza war
The group announced its decision in a letter to university President Peter Salovey, American news website, Mondoweiss, reported on Monday.

“We here at Yale University have witnessed this ongoing genocide from the comforts of not only the heart of the empire that is funding the military conquest and colonization of Palestine, but from the distance and security provided by the investments of this University which profit from this mass ethnic cleansing,” the letter read.

Close to 34,000 Palestinians, mostly women, children, and adolescents, have died since October 7, when the Israeli regime launched the war in response to Operation al-Aqsa Storm by Gaza’s resistance movements.

The United States, Israel’s biggest ally, has been lending unstinting political, military, and intelligence support to the regime since the onset of the brutal military onslaught.

“Our existence in this University and this country are ones defined by necropolitics. Our lives here exist as they do because of the investment in the deaths of Palestinians by Yale and the US government,” the students added.

They demanded that the university divest from all weapons manufacturing companies contributing to the Israeli assault.

Last year, hundreds of Yale students held a campus-wide walkout in protest at Washington’s all-out support for the genocide.

Pro-Palestinian student activism has grown significantly across the US since the launch of the Washington-backed Israeli war.
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