Publish date15 Apr 2024 - 18:20
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Hezbollah representative: Western support for Israel expected to wane

The representative of Lebanese Hezbollah in Iran stressed that Israel has become a liability for Western nations and predicted a decline in their support for the Zionist regime.
Hezbollah representative: Western support for Israel expected to wane
He stated, "The consequences of Iran's direct strikes on Israel will become more apparent with time."
Safiuddin highlighted that Iran's backing of the resistance movement has reignited the belief among Palestinians that victory against Israel is achievable.
Describing Lebanon's Hezbollah as a key pillar of the resistance coalition, Safiuddin noted, "Recent assessments by the U.S. and Israel indicate that in a conflict between Israel and Hezbollah, the Zionist regime would be defeated."
About Israel's actions in Gaza over the past 190 days, Safiuddin pointed out that despite significant destruction, negative outcomes have emerged, including comparisons of Zionists to the infamous Hitler.
He further stated that Iran's direct response to Israel have severely impacted the morale of the Israeli military.
Safiuddin suggested that the ongoing attacks on Rafah by the Zionist regime indicate unresolved issues.
The cleric contended that recent military actions by Iran against Israel are poised to bring about a significant shift, rendering Western efforts to prop up the Zionist regime futile.
Safiuddin emphasized that Israel's actions in Gaza have transformed it from a strategic partner of the West into a burden, underscoring the heavy toll of supporting Israel on Western nations. Consequently, he anticipated a gradual reduction in Western backing for Israel.
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