Publish date13 Apr 2024 - 10:32
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Germany detains Palestinian surgeon in ahead of Berlin conference

Germany has detained Palestinian surgeon, witness to Israeli genocidal war against Gaza Strip, preventing his participation at a Berlin conference.
Germany detains Palestinian surgeon in ahead of Berlin conference
Ghassan Abu Sittah took to X on Friday, saying that he was being held at a Berlin airport and would not be able to attend the conference, to which he was invited to speak “about my work in Gaza hospitals.”

"The German government has forcibly prevented me from entering the country.”
Abu Sittah was set to address 'The Palestine Conference. We will put you on trial,’ that was due to start at noon, with over 800 tickets sold.

German police, however, said only 250 people would be allowed to attend.

“Silencing a witness to genocide before the ICJ adds to Germany's complicity in the ongoing massacre,” said Abu Sittah, referring to a legal case filed against Germany over its arms supplies to Israel.

Abu Sittah, also a British citizen, returned to Gaza immediately after Israel started its relentless bombardment of the besieged territory in October.

The surgeon became one of the most high-profile and respected medical professionals who highlighted the devastating medical shortages faced by doctors in hospitals across the Gaza Strip.

Speaking to media about the challenges, he once said that doctors resorted to vinegar and other household items to conduct surgery.

After more than six relentless months of Israel’s bombardment, full-scale ground offensive and blockade on fuel, water, and humanitarian aid, the Gaza Strip has been turned into an uninhabitable place that lacks the most basic components of life and basic medical services.

The Israeli attacks have killed at least 33,634 Palestinians and injured 76,214 more, mostly women and children, since October 7.
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