Publish date30 Mar 2024 - 16:25
Story Code : 629945

Palestinian president demands Israel 'rapidly and completely' withdraw from Gaza

Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas said Friday that Israel must "rapidly and completely" withdraw from the Gaza Strip and cease all unilateral actions in the West Bank and Jerusalem, according to the Palestinian news agency, WAFA.
Palestinian president demands Israel

The remarks were made when Abbas spoke with Bulgarian President Rumen Radev on the telephone, focusing on the Palestinian issue.
Abbas stressed the importance of the Palestinian state assuming its responsibilities in Gaza, similar to the West Bank and highlighted the necessity of establishing a mechanism for humanitarian and medical aid entry into Gaza.
He also emphasized the prevention of forced displacement of Palestinians and the need for the state to attain full membership status at the UN.
Radev expressed hope for an end to the conflict in Gaza, and voiced his desire for Palestinians to achieve independence and obtain all of their national rights.
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