Publish date21 Feb 2024 - 15:44
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77th TNA meeting of analysts:

Operation al-Aqsa Flood boosted Islamic unity

A prominent Iranian political analyst related on the achievements of the Operation al-Aqsa Flood saying that the great resistance operation boosted solidarity among different Islamic denominations.
Operation al-Aqsa Flood boosted Islamic unity
Hussein Kanaani Moghaddam referred to the key role of proximity of the Islamic denominations in the recent developments in Gaza and said the globalization of the issue of Palestine has been beyond the religious aspect of the issue."
He called the operation al-Aqsa Flood as a practical step in line with proximity of denominations and confrontation with all British and Zionist plots saying," We have already achieved that goal and the entire world knows that there is no difference between the Shia and Sunni blood as the enemy indiscriminately kills them all."
"The issue of Palestine has gone beyond Islam and Abrahamic religions as all religions are concerned for the blood of all people massacred in Palestine" he said and added," If there used to be problems between the countries, now their issues are settled via unity on the issue of Palestine as all countries are aware that Palestine is the solution to disagreements."
The Iranian analyst said," The world has understood that the Zionist regime is a genocidal and criminal regime though it endeavored to show an oppressed nation."
Kanaani Moghaddam referred to the global isolation of the Israeli regime and stressed," That will lead to death and downfall for the regime."
He added," Israeli regime has suffered more damage than the Gaza Strip as we have not seen any similar instance that the Israeli army suffers so much damage and the settlers forced to leave the occupied lands."
The 77th meeting of Taqrib News Agency was held on the sideline of the 24th Iran Media Expo on Monday.
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