Publish date21 Feb 2024 - 10:36
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Hamas says US veto of ceasefire resolution serves Israel's Nazi agenda

The Palestinian resistance movement has condemned in strong terms the recent US veto of the draft resolution for ceasefire in the Gaza Strip warning that the move would serve Israeli Nazi agenda.
Hamas says US veto of ceasefire resolution serves Israel
The group made the remarks in a statement on Tuesday after the US cast its veto against the draft submitted to the United Nations Security Council by Algeria calling for an "immediate ceasefire" in the coastal sliver and rejecting the regime's "forced displacement" of Gazans.

"We consider the failure of this resolution [to be] an obstruction of international will in service to the occupation's Nazi agenda aimed at killing and displacing our Palestinian people," Hamas said.

This was the third time the United States was blocking a ceasefire resolution since October 7, 2023, when the regime launched the war against the Gaza Strip in response to al-Aqsa Storm, a surprise operation staged by Gaza's resistance groups against the occupied territories.

The regime has simultaneously been employing an all-out siege against Gaza, preventing the flow of water, food, electricity, and medical supplies into the territory.

So far, the war has killed more than 29,000 people, mostly women and children, and injured about 70,000 others.

"[US] President Joe Biden and his administration bear direct responsibility for their obstruction of a resolution to stop the aggression on Gaza," the Hamas' statement added.

"The American stance serves as a green light for the occupation to commit more massacres, killing our unarmed people through bombing and starvation, and constitutes direct partnership in the genocide war committed against children and unarmed civilians in the Gaza Strip."

In addition to throwing unreserved political support behind the regime, the United States has armed it with more than 10,000 tons of military hardware since the onset of the warfare.
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