Publish date19 Feb 2024 - 22:25
Story Code : 625751

Concerns Mount Over Reputation of Munich Security Conference

In response to inquiries regarding the exclusion of the Iranian Foreign Minister from the Munich Security Conference, Nasser Kanaani, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, expressed deep apprehension about the direction and objectives of the prestigious event. 
Concerns Mount Over Reputation of Munich Security Conference
He lamented the exclusion of countries that play a vital role in regional security and stability while highlighting the presence of controversial figures from nations with questionable human rights records.
"We are more concerned about the future of the Munich Security Conference than our own participation, as it risks becoming a biased platform against sovereign nations," Kanaani emphasized.
He called for a shift towards inclusivity by inviting authentic representatives of oppressed nations, such as Palestinians, to share their perspectives.
"I wish that instead of inviting the criminal Zionist regime and inviting the criminal officials of that regime who have a case in the International Court of Justice, the conference would invite the real representatives of the Palestinian people to present their views," added the spokesman.
"I wish they would pay attention that the problem of the Middle East is 'occupation' and not 'resistance'. Therefore, we are concerned about the fate and status of the Munich Security Conference," Nasser Kanaani highlighted.
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