Publish date17 Feb 2024 - 13:44
Story Code : 625546

Yemeni missiles target British oil tanker in Red Sea

The spokesman for Yemeni armed forces has announced new missile strike targeting British oil tankers in the Red Sea as part of the operations to support Palestinians in Gaza Strip against Israeli genocidal war.
Yemeni missiles target British oil tanker in Red Sea
According to Yemeni media, Almasirah, Brigadier General Saree said in a statement on Saturday that Yemen's Armed Forces targeted the British oil ship "POLLUX" in the Red Sea with appropriate naval missiles.

He added that Yemen's operations continue against Israeli navigation or ships heading to occupied ports of Palestine until aggression against Gaza stops, and the blockade is lifted.

Armed Forces will not hesitate to carry out, and expand military operations in defense of Yemen and support of Palestinian people, he further noted.

Yemen’s armed forces have been targeting Israeli ships and those bound for ports in occupied Palestine since November in solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza which has been subject to five months of ferocious airstrikes and a ground invasion.

The Yemeni operations have prompted some shipping companies to detour around southern Africa to avoid the Red Sea, which normally carries about 12 percent of global maritime trade.
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