Publish date13 Feb 2024 - 10:41
Story Code : 625117

Hezbollah strikes Israeli espionage base

Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah says its fighters carried out a rocket attack against an Israeli regime espionage base in the northern parts of the occupied Palestinian territories.
Hezbollah strikes Israeli espionage base
Al-Radar base was accurately hit by a guided missile, Lebanese media reported on Monday, citing the resistance movement.

Hezbollah also said that it had targeted a Zionist barrack with a Falaq-1 missile.

The resistance movement meanwhile announced the martyrdom of one of its fighters during battles with the Israeli regime in southern Lebanon.

Hezbollah attacks against Zionist targets began more than four months ago in the wake of a full-scale invasion of the Gaza Strip where over 28,300 people have been killed so far.

The attacks by Hezbollah aim to reduce the pressure of Zionist strikes on Gaza where Palestinian resistance fighters are also engaged in ground fighting with the regime’s forces.
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