Publish date7 Feb 2024 - 16:17
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“Women, major supporter of Palestinian resistance”, Lebanese activist

A Lebanese activist and member of the political council of Hezbollah resistance movement has highlighted the role of women in supporting the resistance movement and their fighting against the occupying Israeli regime for the past 75 years.
“Women, major supporter of Palestinian resistance”, Lebanese activist
Rima Fakhri, speaking at the 18th edition of the Al-Aqsa Storm webinars entitled “Role of Women in Islamic Resistance of Palestine” hailed the uprising and resistance of the Palestinian society as one body standing against Israeli occupation, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
She praised the struggles of the Palestinian women with several prisoner, martyrs and injured among them.
“Palestinian women have been the main supporter of their brothers in resistance since the early days of Israeli atrocities against the Palestinian lands” she said.
Rima Fakhri reiterated resistance as the sole way for any country under occupation and said,” We are dealing with a criminal military force in the region, an army with the most advanced weapons in the west Asian region supported by the US and the global arrogant powers” and added,” Despite its military capabilities, the 75-year-long resistance has lowered the security of occupiers and inflicted losses on the enemies by liberating the southern Lebanon in 2000 and the Gaza Strip in 2005.
She said,” Islamic resistance, in its operation al-Aqsa Storm, beat the Zionist project of “Greater Israel” and deflated the pomp of the Zionist Israeli regime.”
She concluded that the Israeli regime is in a quagmire now; therefore, it seek help from the west in its struggles to survive the al-Aqsa operation.
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