Publish date7 Dec 2023 - 17:00
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President Raeisi says Palestine on top of Moscow meeting agenda

Iranian President Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi says, ahead of his departure for Russia, that the issue of Palestine will be on top of the agenda in his meeting to Moscow.
President Raeisi says Palestine on top of Moscow meeting agenda
Before leaving Tehran, Ebrahim Raeisi told reporters that his visit to Moscow was at the invitation of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Iranian president, referring to the long record of relations between Tehran and Moscow, added that the two states have taken steps that show the shared view of the two states on bilateral, regional, and international issues. 

He outlined that the two countries' cooperation through BRICS, and Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) have further deepened the Tehran-Moscow ties. 

Collaboration in various fields including agriculture, fuel, and energy will also be among the key terms of discussion in Moscow, according to the head of the Iranian government. 

He called on the importance of the issue of Palestine saying the ongoing issues in Palestine have made "all people worldwide to be worried."

In the end, he emphasized the urgent need for a cease-fire in Gaza, providing humanitarian aid to the Gazans, and granting Palestinians their rights.
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