Publish date27 Nov 2023 - 19:23
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Lebanese information minister says Israel's actions in Gaza 'not a war but a genocide'

Coming down hard on Israel's massacre and disinformation activities in Gaza, Lebanese Information Minister Ziad Makary said: "This is not a war ... this is a genocide."
Lebanese information minister says Israel

Replying to a question by Anadolu at the International Strategic Communication Summit (Stratcom Summit 2023) held in Istanbul, Makary said: “They are doing something worse than the genocide they experienced in World War II.”
He emphasized the importance of the summit, which he attended for the first time, in discussing what is happening in the world in terms of disinformation and misinformation amidst the challenging times the Middle East is going through, both in terms of its theme and bringing current issues to the agenda.
Assessing Türkiye's efforts in combating disinformation within the framework of the summit, Makary highlighted Türkiye's crucial position in influencing and mobilizing actions in the Middle East, especially in highlighting the events in Gaza through the media.
‘Massacre and disinformation’
Makary also touched upon Israel's massacre and disinformation activities in Gaza.
Stating that Lebanon's borders are attacked by Israel every day, and Hezbollah responds, Makary made the following assessment: “Currently, 5 million square meters of our agricultural land where olives and other tree species are planted are on fire. We have lost lives, and 50,000 people have been forced to leave their lands and migrate to other regions.
“Beyond all this, we have three journalists intentionally killed by Israel. As you know, Israel is a genocidal country, and what is happening in Gaza proves it. They talk about the 'Holocaust,' but they are doing something worse than the genocide they experienced in World War II.”
Stressing that the duty of journalists is to write and show the truth, Makary noted that the best response to Israel's disinformation activities is to fulfill this duty.
Assessing the stance of the Western media, Makary said: "Western media has always been in the hands of the Israeli lobby. Israel has always controlled the media. Now, thanks to all this technology, social media, and journalists everywhere, we can convey the truth without making false news and resorting to incorrect information, and this is a very important point."
He added: "This is not a war. In my opinion, this is a genocide where everybody is being killed – babies, children, teenagers, adults, journalists, doctors. Thousands, even tens of thousands of houses have been destroyed.”
“There is a massive migration from north to south. This must stop, and Western media should now see not with one eye but with two,” Makary stressed.
Expressing that international organizations have fallen short and the UN has always been on the side of Israel, Makary hoped the Western leaders would now take the right position by listening to their people after the genocide in Gaza.
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