Publish date22 Nov 2023 - 20:43
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Israel's 'occupier terrorism' in Gaza are crimes against humanity, constitute 'genocide,' says Turkish President Erdogan

Israel's “occupier terrorism” in Gaza and other Palestinian territories are crimes against humanity which constitute “genocide,” said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday.
"We must compel Israel to comply with international law and be held accountable for its actions. We should also break the blockade in the UN," Erdogan told journalists on his return flight from Algeria.
He also said everyone, including foreign officials, are now telling the Turkish side that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "has to go."
On worldwide protests against Israel's attacks on Gaza, Erdogan said: "Politicians who turn a deaf ear to that voice will soon face the democratic response of the people."
Israel's occupation of Gaza, even though it might have plunged some governments into silence, stirred the public conscience, he added.
Western society, struggling with the legacy of the Nazi Holocaust, now failed the test and stood on the wrong side of history in the Palestine-Israel conflict, Erdogan stressed.
He also said ending the siege of Gaza is possible only through steps taken by not just a few countries but by all Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and Arab League member countries.
Israel has launched relentless air and ground attacks in the Gaza Strip following an Oct. 7 Hamas attack, killing more than 14,128 Palestinians, including 5,840 children and 3,920 women, according to health authorities in the enclave.
Thousands of buildings, including hospitals, mosques, and churches, have also been damaged or destroyed in Israel’s air and ground attacks on the besieged enclave.
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