Publish date22 Oct 2023 - 9:48
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Hezbollah destroys Israel’s technical equipment in attack on border town

The Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah says it has targeted Israeli military base near border with guided missiles inflicting damage to technical equipment at the base.
Hezbollah destroys Israel’s technical equipment in attack on border town
In a statement released on Saturday, Hezbollah said that its missiles targeted the Al-Abad military site, outside the southern town of Houla on the country's border with the occupied territories.

It added that part of the technical equipment and technology of the base was destroyed in this attack.

In another statement, the resistance movement said its precision-guided missiles also struck the Israeli military base in the town of Hanita.

Lebanese sources also announced that Hezbollah has targeted two military vehicles of the Israeli regime in the Baram Heights area near the Lebanese border.

Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem said that the latest operations in southern borders are in response to the ongoing Israeli assaults, stressing that the movement will intensify its attacks if necessary.

The Hezbollah missile attacks come amid Israel's deadly bombing campaign on the Gaza Strip, which followed Operation Al-Aqsa Storm of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas on October 7.

The movement and the Israeli regime have been exchanging sporadic fire since October 8, a day after the regime started its deadly bombing campaign on the besieged enclave.

More than 4,380 Palestinians, mainly civilians, have been killed across the Gaza Strip as a result of Israeli bombardments. Over 13,000 people have also been injured.

In a separate development on Saturday, Iraqi resistance forces launched a drone strike against the US-run Ain al-Asad base in Iraq's western province of Anbar.

This was the second attack on the US military base. On Wednesday, Reuters cited an American official as saying that US military forces had come under attack at the Ain al-Asad Airbase.

Saturday’s attack came a day after Iraqi resistance forces targeted the al-Harir Airbase housing the American troops in the Shaqlawa District of the Kurdistan region, using two unmanned aerial vehicles.

Iraqi resistance forces warned the US that attacks against American bases in Iraq will begin from now on, after the Israeli regime bombed al-Mamdani Hospital in Gaza.

Earlier this month, Iraq’s anti-terror group Kata’ib Hezbollah also threatened to target American bases in Iraq and the entire region if the United States intervened in the war that the Israeli regime started waging against the Palestinian territory of the Gaza Strip on October 7.
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