Publish date11 Oct 2023 - 9:26
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Ansarullah describes al-Aqsa Flood “historic victory” that shattered equations

The leader of Yemen’s Ansarullah movement has extolled the surprise attack by Palestinian fighters against the Israeli occupying regime a great “historic victory” that inflicted heavy losses on the illegal entity.
Ansarullah describes al-Aqsa Flood “historic victory” that shattered equations
Abdul-Malik al-Houthi made the remarks in a televised speech broadcast from the Yemeni capital of Sana’a on Tuesday.

He said Operation al-Aqsa Storm was a “legitimate” response to the Israeli aggression and atrocities against Palestinians over the past decades.

Since Saturday, the resistance groups in the besieged Gaza Strip have fired over 5,000 rockets at the occupied territories. Israeli media outlets report that more than 1,000 settlers and troops have been killed and a lot more injured as a result.
“Operation al-Aqsa Storm is a great operation, an important operation, which came in line with the legitimate right of the Palestinian fighters, and the Palestinian people, to confront their enemy, to confront their oppressive, criminal occupier, and usurper enemy who oppresses them in all forms of injustice and kills them every day,” Houthi said.

Israel kills children and women, denies them their rights, including right to independence and freedom, and occupies their land and homeland, he added.

The Ansarullah chief said the al-Aqsa Storm was a “great historic victory, perhaps without precedent” that was achieved by the heroic fight of resistance and “had great results in breaking equations and inflicting losses on the brutal Zionist enemy.”

The Palestinian people have been oppressed since the creation of the usurping regime, Houthi said, adding that the regime practices all forms of injustice and tyranny against them.

The regime's "origins were rooted in crime, murder, attacks in all forms, the usurpation of land, confiscation of rights, kidnapping and torture against the Palestinian people,” he said.

The leader of Yemen’s popular Ansarullah resistance movement underlined that Western governments and the United States have been accomplices in the Israeli crimes against Palestinians.

“Since its first day, the Israeli regime has been the foster child of the arrogant colonial powers, starting with Britain and ending with the US, and it has enjoyed, in all stages until now, unflinching support from the Americans and the Western countries,” Houthi said.

“The US is a partner in all the crimes of the Zionist-Israeli enemy, in all its criminal practices against children, women, and civilians, against all people in Palestine.”

Houthi stressed the occupying entity and those countries that provide it with all forms of support, first and foremost, the US, share the blame for Tel Aviv’s atrocities.
The Ansarullah chief described Israel as a regime with no legitimacy and censured the international community’s and the world bodies’ inaction towards Israel’s decades-long aggression against Palestinians.

“What has the United Nations done since the beginning of the events in Palestine and the oppression of the Palestinian people?!” he said, adding that Israel should not be a member of the UN as it lacks legitimacy.

During his televised speech on Monday, Houthi hailed the combat readiness of Palestinian resistance fighters in the besieged Gaza Strip and said they have over the past years developed great capabilities and obtained tangible achievements so that “they have become an influential force with an effective presence.”

Houthi underlined that it is everyone’s duty to support the Palestinian people and the resistance fighters, to stand by them and provide them with all forms of support and assistance at the political, media, and even at the military level.

“It is never acceptable and appropriate to only watch the Palestinian people and their heroic fighters while all other Western countries support the Zionist enemy, who is an oppressor, a criminal, an occupier, a usurper and who is the desecrator of sanctities,” he said.

The Ansarullah leader also denounced as “shameful” normalization attempts by certain Arab countries, saying they are in fact undermining the fight of the Palestinian people because by normalizing they make the Palestinian nation feel that they are alone in their confrontation with no backing or support.
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