Publish date29 Sep 2023 - 9:16
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African university professor notes:

Counter-terror campaigns, pretext for put pressure on nations

An African university professor says the powerful countries use their so-called counter-terror campaigns as a lever to put pressure on other nations.
Counter-terror campaigns, pretext for put pressure on nations
Professor Kamara Moritie, from Ivory Coast, in his address to the sixth webinar of the 37th Islamic Unity Conference detailed his views on hypocrisy in the process of fight against terrorism, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
He referred to a change in the meaning of terrorism since the 2001 terror attack on the twin towers in the United States and the considerable rise in the number of such attacks across the globe.
He noted that these acts of terror were condemned by Western powers though their practice has not been supportive of what they claimed.
The African elite assimilated terrorism to a disease saying,” When your disease is prolonged despite the treatment, it is clear that the treatment was not responsive and effective or the disease was not diagnosed correctly” and added that the same goes for the fight against terrorism.
He referred to the motivations behind those who commit terrorist acts can have political, economic and geo-strategic interests for some countries.
Professor Kamara Moritie condemned the powerful countries and said,” Instead of help from powerful countries, we see the spread and proliferation of terrorism and terrorist groups in this region.”
He blamed the constant outbreak of coups in some African countries on the same hypocrisy of some countries in their so-called fight against terrorism.
The African thinker noted that the method of fighting against terrorism should be done with the cooperation of the countries that have suffered these terrorist attacks.
He explained his views on terrorism and hypocrisy of some countries in their counter-terror campaigns in the sixth webinar of the 37th Islamic Unity Conference held on Friday, September 29th.
Held by Iran’s World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought, Muslim scholars and religious figures from across the globe exchanged views on the issues challenging the world of Islam in the 37th Islamic Unity Conference (IUC). Participants also discussed the theme of this meeting “Islamic Cooperation to Achieve Common Values.” The event is the climax of the Islamic Unity Week that marks the birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).
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