Publish date19 Sep 2023 - 20:01
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Protests in New York as Netanyahu attends UN meet

Demonstrators gathered outside the New York hotel where Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was staying to protest against the government’s judicial reforms, reported the Times of Israel.
Protests in New York as Netanyahu attends UN meet
Expat activists and members of the Jewish community in New York organised their protest before dawn as they assembled outside Netanyahu’s hotel in Manhattan’s Upper East Side.
A subsequent demonstration was planned at the same hotel later in the morning, coinciding with Netanyahu’s departure for the UN meeting. A larger rally is due to take place at noon in Times Square.
This comes after protesters and opposition leaders criticised Netanyahu for accusing those in the protests against his judicial reform of “joining forces with the PLO and Iran” against Israel.
Netanyahu, who is on trial for corruption charges he denies, says the judicial changes are meant to balance a Supreme Court that has become too interventionist.
His coalition started its judicial campaign in January, triggering unprecedented protests, spooking investors and sending the shekel down, as Western allies voiced concern for the health of Israel’s democracy.
Those opposed to the proposed legislation believe Netanyahu’s far-right coalition is carrying out a coup against the judiciary, ending checks and balances on ministers and helping him avoid trial.
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