Publish date19 Sep 2023 - 13:21
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Iran affirms readiness to promote peaceful initiative across globe

Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi highlighted Tehran’s readiness to participate in initiatives promoting peace and security worldwide stating that cooperation with the United Nations is a fundamental aspect of Iran’s foreign policy.
Iran affirms readiness to promote peaceful initiative across globe
Raeisi made the remarks in a meeting with the Secretary General of the United Nations as he held separate meetings with the top officials and his counterparts in New York, the US.
He expressed appreciation for the efforts made by the Secretary-General and the United Nations Secretariat, emphasizing the importance of justice, the eradication of discrimination and poverty, and sustainable security as key missions of the United Nations.
The President criticized the war-mongering nature of major powers and hegemony, stressing the need for UN intervention to prevent actions that could disrupt global peace and stability.
He also highlighted concerns about the political and social future of Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, and Africa due to excessive demands and power-seeking behavior.
He urged the UN to obtain accurate news about Iran, as the mainstream media often misrepresent the Islamic Republic, saying that the Iranian society enjoys racial justice and the government attaches great importance to women’s rights.
He also commended Iran for its constructive role in Yemen’s developments and supported Iran’s initiatives to end the Yemen crisis.
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