Publish date15 Sep 2023 - 16:00
Story Code : 607012

Palestinian rights groups urged not to allow 'Israel lobby to set their agenda'

Organizations committed to the protection of the rights of the Palestinians have condemned “recent attacks on Professor David Miller by some” like-minded groups, which they say play into the hands of the Israel lobby.
Palestinian rights groups urged not to allow
This comes after Jewish Voice for Labour criticised a tweet Miller published on 7 August 2023, though it did not claim the tweet was anti-Semitic. While the British Committee for the Universities of Palestine (BRICUP) said: “Miller ignores the persistence of antisemitism across Europe and in the Americas, and its increase over recent decades with the rise of populist movements, and the resurgence of fascist organisations. Moreover, his supposed ‘facts’ are highly susceptible to an antisemitic interpretation.”
The Convivencia Alliance said it disagreed with this, adding “it is regrettable that JVL and BRICUP seem to be ignoring the situation in Palestine and instead allowing the Israel Lobby to set their agenda and accepted the discredited IHRA “Working Definition of Anti-semitism”, which has been weaponized to silence the critics of Israeli racism and war crimes in Palestine.”
“Instead,” it added, “progressive solidarity organisations should focus their attention on demanding an end to Western financial, military and diplomatic support for Israel, and offering support to the Palestinians.”
Miller, who was fired from Bristol University following a campaign by the Israel lobby over his criticism of the Zionist state, is now facing an Employment Tribunal looking at his complaint against unfair dismissal after two legal inquiries concluded that he could not be accused of anti-Semitism
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