Publish date26 Jul 2023 - 20:33
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Sweden opposition demands urgent meeting on Qur'an burnings

Sweden's left-wing opposition party demanded an emergency parliamentary meeting Tuesday about the ongoing Qur'an burnings, Anadolu Agency reports.
Sweden opposition demands urgent meeting on Qur
Johansson urged the government to take measures "to protect Swedish lives and the Swedish interests."
He said Sweden has found itself in "an extremely serious situation which has been getting steadily worse."
The Social Democrats demanded the right-wing government inform the Riksdag about the diplomatic crisis that Sweden is facing and inform other parties about how it intends to manage the turmoil caused by Qur'an burnings – domestically and internationally.
Johansson suggested the government has kept a low profile during the crisis and "in practice, has said nothing."
"I can have some understanding of that but, at the same time, they have an obligation to show leadership and answer the public's questions," he added.
There has been an international backlash concerning the Qur'an desecration, which led to Sweden's ambassadors being summoned across the Muslim world.
Muslim nations have strongly condemned the Qur'an burnings and have demanded that Sweden impose bans and review laws which allow the burnings to take place.
Hundreds of Iraqis stormed the Swedish Embassy in Baghdad last week and set it ablaze to protest the burnings of the Muslim Holy Book.
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