Publish date10 Jun 2023 - 8:20
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President Raeisi:

Iran’s Azerbaijan, Republic of Azerbaijan ties is resistant to conspiracies

Iranian President Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi has stressed that the relations between Iran’s Azerbaijan and the Republic of Azerbaijan is resistant to conspiracies.
Iran’s Azerbaijan, Republic of Azerbaijan ties is resistant to conspiracies
No plots or shenanigans could ever drive a wedge between the two peoples as well as among the entire Azeri folks across the world, the Iranian president stated.

Raeisi was on a visit to the northwestern province of East Azarbaijan on Friday.

Ties have been tense between Tehran and Baku over an attack on the Eurasian country’s embassy in the Iranian capital earlier in the year and Baku's improvement of relations with Israel.

“The people of Azerbaijan, not only the Azarbaijan of Iran but even the Azerbaijan that is in our neighborhood, showed that their love, devotion and attachment is inextricably resistant to conspiracies and seditions,” Raeisi said.

“The message of the people of Azerbaijan is the message of unity, cohesion and resistance against enemies and building the country by the capable hands of the beloved youth.”

Azerbaijan’s relations with Iran were strained in January following an attack on its embassy in Tehran.

Azerbaijan closed its diplomatic mission following the incident and evacuated staff over what it called a “terrorist act,” with President Ilham Aliyev blaming it on the “Iranian establishment.” An initial investigation pointed to “personal and family-related problems” as the assailant’s motive.

The conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia as well as Baku’s improving relations with the Israeli regime are among other bones of contention between Iran and Azerbaijan.

In March, Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen said the regime had reached an agreement with Azerbaijan to establish a united front against Iran. The remarks followed the opening of Azerbaijan’s embassy in Tel Aviv.
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