Publish date1 Jun 2023 - 14:25
Story Code : 595361

Iran, Iraq discuss counter-terrorism coop

Top Iranian, Iraqi officials have discussed cooperation to boost security and counter-terrorism campaign among several mutual interests between Tehran and Baghdad.
Iran, Iraq discuss counter-terrorism coop
Iranian Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi and his Iraqi counterpart Abdul Amir Al-Shammari, attending a press conference held by on Wednesday, touched upon the topics in an earlier meeting.

Different issues of common interest including security issues, as well as fighting against terrorism, narcotics, organized crimes, and arms trafficking were discussed between them, according to the Iranian interior minister.

Vahidi also added that he has discussed facilitating the Arbaeen Pilgrimage with his Iraqi counterpart.

Al-Shammari, for his part, stressed that it is necessary to strengthen and monitor the border between the two countries and to increase the exchange of information in this regard.

He also emphasized the need to fight against drugs and traffickers who infiltrate the borders of the two countries.
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