Publish date15 Mar 2023 - 14:25
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Sheikh Naeem Qassem:

Restoration of Iran-Saudi relations, fatal blow to Iranophobia projects

Deputy of Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah called the restoration of relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia as a glimmer of hope for cooperation among regional countries.
Restoration of Iran-Saudi relations, fatal blow to Iranophobia projects
Sheikh Naeem Qassem, deputy of Hezbollah Secretary General said the recent agreement for restoration of Tehran-Riyadh ties is their choice and a glimmer of hope for cooperation of regional countries, security, economic expansion and also boosting their independence, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
Speaking at union of Muslim scholars in Beirut, The cleric stressed that the new agreement for resumption of diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Iran counts for a fatal blow to “Iranophobia” the project Israeli regime, in collaboration with the US, was working on.
He said,” The US was struggling to unite the regional countries, particularly the Persian Gulf states, in an effort to illustrate the Islamic Republic of Iran as the “enemy” rather than the Israeli regime.”
The senior cleric vowed,” We will unite the world against the occupying Israeli regime and will inform every conscience man on threat of Tel Aviv regime for humanity.”
Sheikh Naeem Qassim called the Israeli regime as the enemy not only for the Palestinians but also for the Lebanese people, Arabs, Muslims and the entire humanity as it has founded its existence on crime, massacre, demolition, fear mongering in children and violation of rights of other people, injustice, occupation and aggression.”
Islamic Republic Iran and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia released a statement announcing they had reached an agreement on re-opening their embassies to resume diplomatic ties on Friday March 10 after years of severed relations.
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