Publish date12 Feb 2023 - 10:24
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Iranian FM says US support for MKO reveals insatiable appetite for anti-Iran terrorism

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian condemned the recent resolution introduced by US congress in support of the terrorist group Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization (MKO).
Iranian FM says US support for MKO reveals insatiable appetite for anti-Iran terrorism
In a post on his Twitter account on Saturday, Amir-Abdollahian said the "worthless" resolution in support of the anti-Iran MKO terror cult indicated the US plan to promote Daesh-modeled terrorism in a bid to destroy Iran.

"The US Congress' worthless resolution in support of Monafeghin terror cult demonstrates, just once more, their insatiable appetite for instrumentalizing terrorism and DAESH modeled secenarios- that wrecked Syria and Iraq - for destroying Iran," the top Iranian diplomat tweeted.

The bipartisan resolution was introduced to the House by Rep. Tom McClintock on February 7 and has 164 other cosponsors. It has been referred to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Backing foreign-backed riots in Iran, the resolution expresses support for what it calls the "Iranian people’s desire for a democratic, secular, and nonnuclear Republic of Iran." It also levels baseless accusations
against Iran for what it describes as "state-sponsored terrorism" and violation of human rights.

The MKO leader Maryam Rajavi also addressed a press briefing planned for the introduction of the resolution on Wednesday, lauding the representatives' efforts.

In a post on his Twitter account on Friday, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kan'ani denounced the US Congress resolution, saying that the measure demonstrates deep ties between the United States and terrorism.

Riots broke out in Iran in mid-September after the death of a 22-year-old Iranian woman in police custody. Mahsa Amini fainted at a police station in Tehran and was pronounced dead three days later in hospital. An official report by Iran’s Legal Medicine Organization concluded that Amini’s death was caused by illness rather than alleged blows to the head or other vital body organs.

Iran’s intelligence community has said several countries, including the United States and Britain, have used their spy and propaganda apparatuses to provoke violent riots in the country.

Rioters went on a rampage, brutally attacking security officers and causing massive damage to public property. Dozens of people and security personnel were killed in the riots. 

Meanwhile, security forces arrested and dismantled several terrorist teams linked to Daesh and MKO in recent months.

The MKO terrorist group is responsible for causing the largest part of the 17,000-plus fatalities that have resulted from acts of terror since the 1979 victory of Iran's Islamic Revolution.
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