Publish date21 Jan 2023 - 15:14
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Iran hosts first int’l congress on “Women of Influence”

Iranian capital Tehran hosted the first international congress of “Influential Women” as female elites and influential women from 90 countries attended the two-day event.
Iran hosts first int’l congress on “Women of Influence”
Addressing the congress, Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi called on the participating women at the congress to benefit from the experiences of the Islamic Republic of Iran with regard to women’s rights.

The congress is reportedly aimed at identifying, supporting and developing the abilities and capabilities of elite and influential women at national and international level.

Special awards with international recognition are slated to be granted to influential women in three fields of science and technology, economic and social affairs.

The criterion for selecting “influential” women has been done among housewives, women employees, female social activists, as well as competent women in digital technology, social media, science and technology, entrepreneurship and those who are pioneers in areas of culture and charity affairs.

On the sidelines of this congress, a memorandum of understanding between Afghanistan's neighboring countries is supposed to be signed to help the girls and women of this country continue their education at the initiative of Iran's vice president for women and family.
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