Publish date19 Dec 2022 - 18:51
Story Code : 577404

World needs dialogue more than ever: Official

The head of the Institute of Political Studies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, pointing out that Iran is looking for a dialogue between the thinkers of the region and the world, said: "Today, the world needs dialogue more than anything else."
World needs dialogue more than ever: Official

Explaining the details of the Tehran Dialogue Forum, he said: Four issues will be discussed in this meeting, and the main areas of discussion are the security of West Asia and the Persian Gulf, energy security, the crisis in Ukraine, the developments in Afghanistan, and the formation of a comprehensive government in this country.

Referring to the investigation of more effective enforcement mechanisms in the security structures of the Middle East and West Asia, Sheikh ul-Eslami stated in the Tehran dialogue forum the discussion and analysis of the Palestinian situation and the way to solve the problems of this country and the oppression of the Zionist apartheid regime against the Palestinian people will be discussed.
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