Publish date9 Dec 2022 - 19:25
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Iran reacts to European interventionist tweets

The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reacted to the meddling comments of some European countries' authorities in cyberspace, recommending them to abandon support for terrorists.
 In tweets on Thursday, Iran's MFA wrote: "In countering riots, Iran's shown utmost restraint & -unlike many Western regimes who smear & violently crackdown even the peaceful protesters- Iran has employed proportionate & standard anti-riot methods. The same is true for the judicial process: restraint & proportionality."
"Yet, public security is redline. Armed assault & vandalism aren't tolerable, even to Western regimes who’ve find an opportunity to hypocritically lecture Iran. Instead of exposing its mendacity by politicized statements, West must stop hosting, backing & encouraging terrorists," the tweet added. 
The unrest that broke out in Iran recently, under the pretext of a 22-year-old girl Mahsa Amini, caused the enemies of the Islamic Republic to use the opportunity to interfere with the domestic affairs of Iran and fuel the recent riots.
From the beginning of the unrest in Iran, the US, along with its Western allies, put support for the rioters on agenda and intensified its anti-Iranian actions under the pretext of human rights violations in Iran.
Those who led the unrest brought the riots to the extent that encouraged the rioters to kill people and then attributed it to the security forces who were standing against them to save the country. 
During the recent unrest, the rioters destroyed public property, even ambulances, and set fire to houses and mosques and people in the streets. They carried out armed attacks in some cities, including Isfahan, killing a number of people and security forces.
The US' former National Security Advisor John Bolton confessed, in an interview with BBC, that weapons from Iraq's Kurdistan have been sent to the rebels in Iran.
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