Publish date27 Nov 2022 - 16:23
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Basij is backbone of defending Islamic Revolution, Speaker stresses

The Speaker of the Iranian Parliament Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf in his speech on Sunday morning called Basij (voluntary forces) as the backbone of defending the Islamic Revolution.
 Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf also congratulated Iran's national football team on their recent victory and expressed hope that the people of Iran will celebrate reaching to the next stage for the first time with the God's grace and the efforts of the players of the national team.
Qalibaf added: "I also congratulate the Basij members all around the on the anniversary of the formation of Basij by the order of Late Imam Khomeini."
He further called Basij as the backbone of defending the Islamic Revolution adding: "This army which is loyal to God has proven at every moment that the storm of events and hostilities against the Islamic Revolution will not shake the strong mountain of Basij."
He pointed out that the sacrifice, martyrdom and injury of a group of Basij members who put themselves in danger to protect the safety of the people was another honor that was recorded in the golden record of the Basij.
"People still appreciate the sincere and diligent actions of Basij forces and they have not forgotten the efforts of the IRGC in the challenges that have arisen. "
Basij has proven that it can be a point of support and hope for people to overcome challenges at any time and in any special situation that happens to people, the high-ranking official stated.
Qalibaf said: "The Basij forces were in the scene when we urgently needed basic medical equipment due to the spread of COVID-19, or when social distancing had caused problems for the livelihood of the people, or when the widespread flood caused a crisis in the central and southern provinces of the country or even the earthquake caused problems for the countrymen in Khoi, Sisakht, Varzghan and Hormozgan."
He added: "Despite the inefficiencies of many years that have slowed down the country's progress, the effective and efficient presence of the Basij and the IRGC has only one reason, and that is the Basij culture that the Imam Khomeini instilled in the people of Iran and in the holy defense crystallized and grew".
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