Publish date17 Aug 2022 - 12:26
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Israeli military admits killing five children in Gaza attacks

Israeli military has admitted it has killed five Palestinian minors on the final day of the onslaught on the Gaza Strip.
Israeli military admits killing five children in Gaza attacks
Several defense insiders told the Israeli newspaper Haaretz that an army investigation into the August 7 strike on the Falluja cemetery revealed that the regime was to fault.
The Israeli army attributed the killings on an errant Islamic Jihad missile at the time of the incident.
Jamil Nijm, 4; Jamil Ihab Nijm, 13; Hamed Haidar Hamed Nijm, 16; and Muhammed Salah Nijm, 16, were killed in a cemetery in northern Gaza while sitting beside their grandfather's grave.
Mohammad Sami, an eyewitness said the boys used to visit the graveyard.
Recently, Israeli forces launched a wave of air raids on Gaza for three days, killing 49 Palestinians, including 17 children, and injuring at least 360 others.
+972 Magazine, a non-profit publication established by Palestinian and Israeli journalists, published last week that former Israeli soldiers exposed how the army authorizes strikes in Gaza knowing that civilians will be killed as long as the number is deemed low enough.
Israel says it launched its offensive against Gaza due to the fear of retaliatory attacks by Islamic Jihad after a senior leader of the group, Bassam al-Saadi, was arrested in the occupied West Bank city of Jenin.
Michelle Bachelet, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, has sharply condemned Israel's "unconscionable" slaughter of Palestinian children in the aftermath of the apartheid regime's latest indiscriminate bombardment on the besieged Gaza Strip.
According to the report, Israel killed 17 children during its bombardment on the Gaza Strip from August 5 to 7, and two more on August 9 during military raids in the occupied West Bank.
While the Palestinian resistance successfully forced Israel to accept the terms of a ceasefire in Gaza, tensions remain high in the occupied West Bank, where the regime conducts murderous military incursions throughout the seized areas
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