Publish date13 Jul 2022 - 13:28
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World Union of Resistance Scholars:

Riyadh seeks normalization with Israeli regime via Hajj pilgrimage

Head of the World Union of Resistance Scholars denounced Saudi Arabia over turning Hajj pilgrimage to a means for normalization of relations with Israeli regime.
Riyadh seeks normalization with Israeli regime via Hajj pilgrimage
Sheikh Maher Hammoud in reaction to appointment of Saudi scholar, Sheikh Mohammad al-Issa, as the prayer leader of Ibrahimi Mosque for the Day of Arafah by Saudi Arabia expressed regret that he addressed Zionists as “brothers” saying Riyadh is leaving any opposition with Israel for reconciliation with Tel Aviv, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
Sheikh Maher Hammoud in his speech at Quds Mosque in Sidon referred to background of the Saudi prayer leader in opposition with the simplest principles of Islam and his sympathy with Zionist Jews.
He said,” While al-Issa addresses Zionists as “brothers” and expresses regret for them he defines the besieged Gazans as terrorists, approves their death via hunger, bombardment or terror.”
The cleric noted,” Saudi officials led by Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman are already censured because ignoring Muslim scholars’ oppositions with appointment of al-Issa.”
Saudi Arabia has appointed Sheikh Mohammad al-Issa, who has a history of promoting normalization with Israel, as prayer leader of Ibrahimi Mosque on the Day of Arafah.
Appointment of Sheikh Mohammad Issa by Mohammad bin Salman has raised much reaction in social media.
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