Publish date23 Jun 2022 - 19:20
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Imam Reza (AS) pilgrimage Day marked in Mashhad

The holy shrine of Imam Reza (AS) has planned to mark 23rd of Zul Qa’dah (March 23) as Pilgrimage Day to the eighth Shia Imam.
Imam Reza (AS) pilgrimage Day marked in Mashhad
Imam Reza holy shrine’s Deputy Office for Islamic Ideology Dissemination has held various special events to mark the day and to host arriving pilgrims. 

Meanwhile, usually-green flag of the golden dome was changed with a black one to commemorate the occasion. Different parts of the holy complex particularly the Holy Prophet courtyard and Imam Khomeini grand portico which are considered as main venues for the Pilgrimage Day programs, have all turned into black. 

The special programs of the night of the occasion commence at 6:00 pm in Holy Prophet courtyard including Ziarat Jame’ Kabir (Pilgrimage Prayer) and Aminollah (Pilgrimage Prayer). Hoj. Ansarian and Hoj. Haerizadeh are lecturers of the program. 

Special programs of the Thursday, 23rd of Zul-Qa’dah, start by a sermon of Hoj. Hosseini Qomi and eulogy recitations of Morteza Hamidi. 

Recitation of Komeil supplication by Hoj. Ansarian would be the last program of this holy day in Imam Reza holy shrine.

The deputy further noted, “The number of servants and wheelchairs has been doubled to meet the pilgrims’ demands so that they can have more convenient Razavi pilgrimage”.
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