Publish date7 Mar 2022 - 0:30
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3rd session of trial of ringleader of 'Tundar' terrorist outfit held

The third session of the trial of Jamshid Sharmahd, the ringleader of the 'Tundar' terrorist outfit, was held in Tehran on Sunday.
3rd session of trial of ringleader of
The third session of the trial of Jamshid Sharmahd was held in Tehran, chaired by Judge Salavati.
At the beginning of the hearing, the prosecutor's representative took the stand and read the rest of the indictment.
Regarding the group's plan to carry out a bombing in the Rasht prayer hall, northern Iran, Behrooz Hosni-Etemad stated: "The members of this terrorist outfit intended to carry out a bombing operation during Friday prayers, but fortunately this operation was failed by arresting members of the group. Of course, other sensitive places in Rasht were targeted by the terrorist acts."
He noted: "The members of the Tundar terrorist outfit intended to place the explosives inside the travel tent that was installed around the governor's house and assassinate the governor by detonating these materials, but the operation was identified by the police."
Hosni-Etemad pointed to the holding of a conference in the United States and said: "A conference in the United States was held by Brian Hook, focusing on Iran and with the attendance of terrorist groups; Jamshid Sharmahd was also attended the conference."
Then, during the court session, pictures of the conference were shown.
Regarding the plan for the explosion of the Genaveh port oil pipelines, the prosecutor's representative said: “Tundar members intended to blow up the Genaveh port oil pipelines and obtained information to do so; they had sent the information to Sharmahd, but he postponed the operation and ordered the group members to go to Tehran and the north for further operations,” he noted.
The prosecutor's representative also referred to Sharmahd’s planning to bomb the Tehran Book Fair that did not work and was neutralized incipiently at Jahan Hotel.
Then, while the court session was ongoing, a video was shown of the statements of eyewitnesses in the fire of Jahan Hotel in Tehran due to the bomb-making operation by the Tundar members.
Tundar, or the Kingdom Assembly of Iran, also known as Soldiers of the Kingdom Assembly of Iran, is an armed terrorist royalist group seeking to overthrow the ruling government and restore the monarchy in Iran, Iran Press reported.
Tundar claimed responsibility for the 2008 Shiraz explosion at the Hosseynieh Sayyed al-Shohada, in which 14 people, including children, were killed and 215 others were injured.
Mohammad-Reza Ali-Zamani and Arash Rahmanipour, accused of being members of the terrorist group, were arrested and tried for the bombing. In January 2010, they were executed for waging war against God and attempting to overthrow the Islamic Republic.
Tundar had also plotted several other terrorist acts in Iran in recent years, including blowing up the Sivand Dam in Shiraz, detonating cyanide bombs at Tehran's book exhibition, and exploding bombs during general ceremonies at the Imam Khomeini Mausoleum. The Iranian security forces foiled all these terrorist plots.
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