Publish date11 Sep 2021 - 13:09
Story Code : 518448

Palestinians warn Israel of harming arrested prisoners

Palestinian resistance, Islamic Jihad movement has warned Israeli regime of any harm or threat against lives of the prisoners recaptured following their escape from the high security Giloa prison.
Palestinians warn Israel of harming arrested prisoners
Islamic Jihad movement in its latest statement stressed Israeli regime to be fully responsible for the lives of the two prisoners recaptured by Israeli regime after they escaped Gilboa prison.
This is while Israeli regime has claimed it has arrested two other prisoners after the recapturing of Yaqoub Qadri, 48, and Mahmoud Abdullah Ardah, 45 late Friday.
Palestinian resistance movement also warned that any threat or harm to the arrested prisoners translates to war against Palestinians and that would lead to a series of retaliatory measures against Israeli regime.
Islamic Jihad spokesperson Daoud Shehab said in an interview warned,” This operation absolutely will not be the last” adding,” We are perfectly aware that we are engaged in a long struggle.”
Palestinian resistance movement Hamas also hailed the daring escape by prisoners calling that a humiliation for the occupying power stressing that recapturing of the Palestinian prisoners will not break their will.
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