Publish date24 Aug 2021 - 12:56
Story Code : 516333

Taliban warns US forces of prolonging withdrawal beyond deadline

The ruling Taliban movement in Afghanistan has warned the United States of prolonging the pullout of its forces beyond the declared deadline.
Taliban warns US forces of prolonging withdrawal beyond deadline
Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen announced in reaction to reports on possible extension of US forces presence in Afghanistan beyond the formerly announced date August 31st the complete withdrawal of the Afghan forces was a “red line” warning of consequences if the presence of occupation forces extended.
“If they (US forces) extend their withdrawal, it means they are extending occupation while there is no need for that” said Suhail Shaheen in an interview with Sky News calling the pull out of US forces “red line” for the ruling Taliban movement.
He stressed that extension of the US presence in Afghanistan would create mistrust vowing that continuation of occupation will be followed by Taliban’s reaction.
He stressed that if the US or UK seeks additional time to continue evacuations the militant group’s answer will be “no.”
This is while the Telegraph had reported the UK ministers pressing the US to consider postponing the pullout in order to ease pressure on Kabul airport.
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