Publish date26 Jan 2013 - 9:30
Story Code : 121706

Torture in Saudi prisons shows Al Saud’s savagery: Iran MP

An Iranian lawmaker says torture of Yemeni nationals in Saudi Arabia prisons proves Al Saud regime’s savagery and extensive violation of human rights.
Torture in Saudi prisons shows Al Saud’s savagery: Iran MP
“Al Saud security forces send thousands of Yemenis, who are only guilty of illegal entry into Saudi Arabia for finding a job, to ghastly prisons without mentioning any reason for the arrest,” Hadi Shoushtari said on Friday.

He went on to say that the Western countries, which claim to be advocates of human rights, have turned a blind eye to Al Saud’s anti-human rights measures.

“Rights organizations have always been critical of the harsh torturing in Saudi Arabia prisons and have announced that a large number of prisoners have been killed due to torture and some have suffered mental illnesses and physical disabilities,” Shoushtari noted.

According to rights activists, many prisoners remain locked up in Saudi jails under harsh conditions and without access to legal representation.

Reports say a large number of Yemenis are detained in Saudi Arabia prisons. In October 2012, an 18-year-old Yemeni youth died of severe torture by jail officers in a prison of the Saudi intelligence agency.

Al Saud even treats with “utter brutality” the criminals who have rights in the civilized world today and this is a sign of extreme savagery, the Iranian lawmaker said.
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