Publish date17 May 2024 - 22:28
Story Code : 635632

Ex-general: Israel fighting war of attrition in Gaza

Retired Israeli General and military expert, Yitzhak Brik, said yesterday the Israeli army is fighting a “war of attrition” in Gaza and warned that prolonging the war will lead to the collapse of the army and the economy due to the lack of soldiers and the international boycott movement.
Ex-general: Israel fighting war of attrition in Gaza
Brik acknowledged the army’s inability to defeat Hamas in Gaza, noting that the Gaza Strip represents one out of six fighting arenas and the war against it should not include launching thousands of rockets daily as is the case in war scenarios in other arenas, like Lebanon and Iran.
Earlier yesterday, Israeli Knesset member, Amit Levy, confirmed that all 24 Hamas brigades are still present in Gaza and not a single one of them has been destroyed, adding that Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is lying to the people and inflating the army’s achievements.
In addition to Hamas’ steadfastness, the Islamic Jihad movement still exists, “and they lied to us that it had been eliminated,” Levy added in an interview with the Israeli “Channel 14.”
These statements come amid growing concerns about the goals of the ongoing Israeli war on Gaza, with the Israeli occupation forces returning to old battlefields in the Strip, according to a Reuters report.
Seven months into the war, Israeli occupation troops have returned to areas they had previously said had been cleared of resistance fighters.
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