Publish date9 Dec 2023 - 14:12
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Iranian cleric stresses:

“Yemeni armed forces teaching lessons of brevity”

An Iranian prayer leader has hailed Yemeni armed forces for their resistance against Israeli regime amid its brutal war on Gaza stressing that the Yemeni resistance have taught lessons of brevity to the entire world of Islam.
“Yemeni armed forces teaching lessons of brevity”
Akhoond No’man Tatari, prayer leader of the Sunni community in Iran’s Golestan province, highlighted the practical and effectual support of Yemeni resistance forces for the Palestinians under Israeli atrocities, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
In an interview with TNA the cleric praised the measures by Yemeni resistance fighters including missile attacks on Israeli positions in the occupied lands and also capture of the Israeli-owned vessels since the regime began onslaughts against the besieged Gaza.
According to the Iranian cleric the armies in Islamic countries should follow the path of Yemeni armed forces in helping the Palestinians amid Israel’s bloodshed campaign in Gaza.
He said,” The true incident in Gaza is the death of humanity in the hearts of those standing by the Israeli regime as they only play the role of witnesses to brutality of the regime towards Palestinians.”
He added,” The countless crimes committed by Israeli regime in the Palestinian lands illustrates that the only language to talk to the Israeli regime and its supporters is the language of violence” and continued,” The appeasement with Israeli regime, which is a modern version of the Nazis, has intensified brutality.”
Akhoond No’man demanded,” According to which law or rationality is a person authorized to kill children and women who have taken shelter in refugee camps, schools and hospitals? Which law justifies bombardment of the civilians?”
He said,” If all countries and Muslim states, follow the model of Yemeni resistance front in confrontation with Israel, then the regime would not dare to invade the Islamic territories.”
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