Publish date26 Nov 2023 - 11:42
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Hamas spokesman:

Israel seeking forced displacement of Palestinians, intelligence on resistance

Representative of Hamas resistance movement in Iran says the four-day ceasefire reveals the fact that Israeli regime is on verge of topple and that its struggles are in line with forced displacement of Palestinians and also achieving information on resistance commanders.
Israel seeking forced displacement of Palestinians, intelligence on resistance
Khaled Qaddoumi, in an interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA), hailed the legal defense of the Palestinian nation from their land under Israeli occupation since 1948.
When asked if the Israeli regime will remain committed to the ceasefire deal, he said,” The exchange of captives is one of the key aspects of this ceasefire though the resistance movement was seeking a truce for entrance of the humanitarian aids into the besieged lands.”
He said,” Netanyahu has gone mad because this 48-day war has brought him nothing but defame and degradation for the occupying Israeli regime” and added,” The honor in all wars throughout history has been the achievements made and not the damages inflicted. Israeli regime, incessantly receiving financial, weaponry, military and intelligence aids from the United States, achieved nothing but defame in this war.”
Qaddoumi stressed that the ceasefire has been an outcome of successful moves by Hamas and said the agreement for prisoner swap makes the latest of eleven prisoner exchange agreements with the Israeli regime since 1968.
Representative of Hamas said several of the Palestinian prisoners are under administrative detention without even knowing the reason for their imprisonment. The regime does not return the bodies of those Palestinians martyred in the prison before their jail term is finished. Several Palestinians are kept in Israeli morgues or buried in cemeteries of numbers without even informing their families.
Qaddoumi noted,” Many believe that Israel and Palestine are after two-state solution though the fact is that Tel Aviv is seeking forced displacement of the Palestinians for full occupation of their lands.
He warned of the Israeli efforts to collect information on the resistance commanders since it did not make it to kill any in this war.
The Hamas representative said,” Israel’s objective is to undermine people’s determination through massive destruction and carnage although the enemy has not made it to force the Palestinians leave their homes.”
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