Publish date8 Nov 2023 - 15:30
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“Palestine, not a simple target to be wiped out”, Iranian expert

A prominent Iranian political expert on West Asia issues says the operation al-Aqsa Storm launched on October 7 shows that Palestine is not a target to be simply wiped out.
“Palestine, not a simple target to be wiped out”, Iranian expert
Sabbah Zangeneh, Iranian political expert on West Asia issues, in an interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) referred to two major movements regarding the issue of Palestine the first of which respecting the right of Palestinians to return and the second one, stronger due to its century-old background, being in constant pursuit for total elimination of Palestine.
Zangeneh referred to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu holding a placard in his latest UN speech that eliminated Palestine and Gaza from the present map of the world and said,” This illustrates the Zionist mindset that does not imagine any space for the West Bank, Gaza, al-Quds and Palestine.”
He said,” There is still another movement that seeks establishment of two states in the occupied lands one belonging to the Palestinians and the other to Israel” and added,” Therefore, right hand extremist Israelis favor elimination of Palestine and American democrats, majority of European countries and chief of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas supporting the two-state solution.”
According to the political expert a third group, supported by a number of Arab states, believes in the 1967 Palestinian borders as well as the fourth group which is the resistance movement, committed to liberation of the occupied lands from Israeli grip and giving the Palestinians their right to decide for their country, a stance supported by the Islamic Republic of Iran.
He stressed that the US and its allies will back Israel until total elimination of Gaza and achieving a concrete victory by Israeli regime.
Sabbah Zangeneh called Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance a mighty power and a real concern for the Americans and said,” Hezbollah has its own concerns and is not after a major war meanwhile it maintains its full support for the Palestinians.”
He referred to the aftermaths of the Israeli military campaign against Gaza and said,” Saudi Arabia that favored normalizing its diplomatic ties with Israel is satisfied with the weakening of Israeli regime to demand more from the US and Israeli regime in its future calculations. The other aspect is that a number of Arab countries are not generally supporters of Hamas resistance movement because a major power in a key region of Palestine is not beneficial for them, hence unwelcomed, by them.
He referred to the Israeli propaganda on the number of fatalities in the early days of the operation al-Aqsa Storm when Tel Aviv dominated the total ambiance of the media winning support from some nations.
He continued that,” After a while Israeli lies were revealed to all and public views in the US, Europe and part of the occupied lands changed to demand for an immediate ceasefire.”
Sabbah Zangeneh reiterated,” Hamas, in its unprecedented October 7th attack and emergence of the new generation of resistance fighters showed that the issue of Palestine is not eliminated and the world intellectuals should understand that Palestine is not a simple target to be wiped out.”
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