Publish date5 Feb 2023 - 16:23
Story Code : 583009
Hamas representative:

“Jihad of explanation”, key weapon to beat Islamophobia

Representative of Palestinian resistance movement Hamas condemned the unrelenting aggression by US-Israeli axis on Islam and Islamic sanctities and also the intensifying media warfare stressing “Jihad of explanation” as the most important weapon for enlightening the western nations and bearing the project to promote Islamophobia.
“Jihad of explanation”, key weapon to beat Islamophobia
Khaled al-Qoddoumi, in an interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) denounce the recent attacks on Islamic sanctities in European countries carried out under the pretext of freedom of expression and referred to “Jihad of explanation” as the best way to define the truth for the people.
He said,” We should explain the realities on the Palestinian lands and constant crimes committed by Israeli regime forces so that the new European generation demands their rulers on friendly behavior with Tel Aviv regime.”
Qoddoumi related on the role of clerics in beating the media warfare waged by the west against Islamic nation and called the religious figures as the major pillar and key player in this war.
He said,” This is the clerics who are able to revive the honor of Islamic nation by “Jihad of explanation.”
Hamas representative called on the clerics to rise and issue fatwa (religious statement) against Israeli regime in line with encouraging the youths for jihad, resistance and achieving knowledge to confront bullying policies of the US and Israeli regime.
He related on the role of scholars in fighting Islamophobia and explaining western intrigues in line with tarnishing the image of Islam.
Khaled Qoddoumi called Islamophobia as a western project and added,” Western countries are fully aware of the fair nature of our stance; therefore, we address the western youths who are opposite to the support of their governments for Israeli regime.”
He said,” Israeli regime and the US are following soft warfare against the Islamic nation; hence, we should pursue “Jihad of explanation” is our only way to confront Islamophobia by western countries” and added,” This is a responsibility upon the Muslim scholars to explain the truth, blessing, mercy and affection behind Islam for the western countries.”

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