Publish date8 Dec 2021 - 15:41
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"Zionist regime does not represent Jewish community", Rabbi Feldman

Rabbi Dovid Feldman, speaker of Jewish group Neturei Karta, an international anti-Zionist group, slammed the measures by Israeli regime over its extremist and aggressive measures.
"Zionist regime does not represent Jewish community", Rabbi Feldman
Senior rabbi, in an interview with Iran's Qur'an News Agency (IQNA) stressed the stance of Jewish community in rejecting the existence and legality of Tel Aviv regime which does not represent the Jews, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
He called settlement expansion only one example of extremist and aggressive measure by Zionists and said the pious Jews are ashamed of the pretense by migrants who claim to be religious Jews.
He called on the people to share and expand any story on crimes committed by Israeli regime and also to show any contribution made by the pro-Palestine Jews or non-Arab and non-Muslims as well as promoting the books and films on history of Palestine in order to prove that the issue of Palestine is not a disagreement between the Jews and Muslims but a Zionist political campaign.
Rabbi Feldman stressed," A key measure by pro-Palestine movements is to draw a clear line between Judaism as a religion and Zionism as a political movement.
According to the speaker of the group Neturei Karta, the Zionist regime of Israeli should be known as a Zionist government rather than a Jewish country.
"He who supports Palestinians or condemns Israeli occupation should relate the crimes committed by the Zionist regime to Zionism and not the entire Jews" said rabbi Feldman.
Millions of Jews across the globe oppose the occupation of Palestinian lands by Israeli regime and believe that the illegal Israeli regime has violated the rights of Palestinian nation.
Neturei Karta is one of the Jewish movements who has a long history of supporting the Palestinians.
He referred to the several people who support the Palestinians in their heart though are afraid of expressing their idea because they do not intend to be accused of anti-Semitism.
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