Publish date13 Jan 2012 - 9:10
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A new lebanese accomplishment

Lebanese Army captured an Israeli spy

TNA - Beirut
Once again, Lebanon achieves an important accomplishment over the "Israeli" ennemy intelligence, as Lebanon's Army Intelligence captured another spy for the Zionist entity.
Lebanese Army captured an Israeli spy
Identified as Elias Younes, a reited employee at the Ogero telecoms company, was arrested in suspicion of collaborating with "Israel", reported al-Manar television on Wednesday. The "dean of collaborators", as labeled by Zionist top intelligence officers was arrested by the Lebanese intelligence. He has been dealing with the Zionist entity for over 35 years, staring from 1977.

The tv station reported that Younes "supplied the enemy with details regarding marine security procedures and ships movement, in addition to information related to the Telecoms Ministry, as well as the detailed scheme of communication network in Lebanon."

Over the past year, Lebanon's intelligence and army have arrested several suspects of "Israeli" espionage rings, all have worked in the Lebanese Telecoms sector.

Younis, now in his third year of retirement from Ogero, had been arrested by the Lebanese Army Intelligence last Wednesday.
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